Michael Myers Football Cake

Talking to my mom about this cake pretty much sums up what’s happening here:

Mom: “…and it’s such an unusual cake…then again, it’s from your brain.” Um, thanks?

Actually, it’s also from my good friend and coworker, Denny’s, wife’s imagination, since she was awesome enough to request that I make Denny’s 30th birthday cake.

Anyone who knows Denny knows that he has 4 great loves in life: 1. Scary movies, 2. Fantasy Football, 3. Leftover pasta in Ziplock bags, and 4. Conspiracy theories.

I didn’t think a cake based on The Smurf’s hidden Cold War references would translate into “fun birthday,” but Denny’s wife did suggest a few things: A huge Mike Myers head, a Halloween cake, or [drum roll] a Michael Myers taking over football cake. Bingo! Super weird, super creative, and super personalized-my favorite.

I really had no clue what I was doing with this cake. I had about a week and a half to plan and bake, so I knew I didn’t have time to try and make Michael Myers myself, which led me to the amazing online world of collectable action figures [oozes sarcasm]. Need Jason Vorhees? Got it. Jonesing for Freddy? No prob. Oh…Michael Myers? $100, please. So after being f-ked over by Gamestop 2 days before the cake was supposed to be ready, I got a 4″ Mike Myers mask and had to completely re-conceptualize the cake.

Which is also why I took a day off work. Oh, the massive feature that’s due? Psht, please. I have a CAKE to make, people.

I have to say, making this cake in 2 nights and 1 day was a challenge my under-eye circles and rambling-to-herself alter-ego hope to bypass for at least another couple of weeks, but, oh man, was it FUN!

I also took way too much glee in smearing fake blood all over the cake…while snickering…alone in my apartment at 1 a.m. Okay, maybe my mom is on to something here 😉

dennycakeThe cake is 2 (13x13x2) layers, 2 (10x10x2) layers, and 2 (7x7x2) layers. All of these layers are homemade carrot cake [you can find the recipe here] with maple cream cheese frosting [here-just add maple extract from KAF here]. The football is made out of boxed pound cake mix because you need a stiff cake for this and, well, I ran out of time 😦


dennycake5Side-Jason Vorhees

dennycake4Side-Freddy Krueger

dennycake9I was happy with the way this football turned out, not only because I found an imprint mat for texture, but also because I don’t think I’ve ever held a football in my life.

dennycake2My first time sculpting hands with white modeling chocolate.

dennycake13I used gum paste to make the fingernails and edible dust to make them look dirty.

dennycake10I used edible silver spray paint on gum paste for the knife blade and colored modeling chocolate black to make the handle.

dennycake11The wall of blood I was way too excited about. I made blood by tinting piping gel red. The actual ooze itself is black gum paste I shaped with an an icicle mold.

dennycake12Denny is a Dolphins fan. I’ve heard this is a depressing thing to be.

dennycake7Spiders, because, why not?