Fruit Slice Cookies

When I was about 3 feet smaller and 24 years younger, one of my favorite treats was going to the mall so I could ravage some fruit slice jelly candy sold from a stand-alone kiosk. I was allowed to get one of every color, except I always doubled up on either cherry or grape, because, honestly, who the hell likes lemon? [My mother does, but she doesn’t count because she’s foreign]

fruit-slicesThat’s why when I saw that a clever baker devised a cookie that looks just like fruit slice jellies I turned into a 5 year-old again, rushing to shove massive amounts of refined sugar into my mouth.

I’m visiting my family in Ohio again this week, so I had to somewhat appease the masses and stick to a citrus base for these sugar-cookie like slices. Inside these orange and yellow throwbacks are lots of citrus extracts, zests, and vanilla, which means you can’t go wrong.

A house with a view.

homeMy Aunt Judy’s lake.

home5We have our own sense of humor…

home4…it’s an acquired taste.

home3My dad likes to get his point across.

home2So did I start begging for a nightlight again after I baked these? Get confused between peacocks and turkeys? Eat grape-flavored toothpaste and turn my barbies into shorn amputees again? No. But am I currently buying fruit slices from Amazon like an adult badass? Hmm… 😉

slicecookie4Because I’m not an a–hole who plagiarizes from other bloggers, you can find the recipe for the fruit slice cookies here:

And you can find a step-by-step how-to here:

slicecookiesHere are a few tips I found after making these:

  • If you add too much extra flour the dough becomes too chalky-tasting. If the dough is still sticky after the recommended 3 cups, instead of adding more flour, simply chill the dough for an hour or so before adding the food coloring and extracts.
  • Make sure your logs are round and not square-you might need to re-roll to get them round after sitting in the fridge for a while.
  • The sanding sugar won’t stick to cold dough very well, so you have to press the sugar into the dough firmly.



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