Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Lots of important foodie stuff has been happening lately:

1. Dunkin Donuts has created a glazed doughnut bacon & egg sandwich. Weirdly enough, it has less calories than their original b-fast sandwich. This is clearly a sign that Jesus does, in fact, exist, and is currently performing miracles. Next up: Zero-calorie chili cheese fries. Right, J-Dog…right?

2. It seems the frumpy little doughnut is getting it’s time in the spotlight! Cronuts are the new “it” dessert, combining a croissant with a doughnut…if the French ever stopped guzzling rosé to unpack the guillotines from storage, it would be over this vulgar perversion of their beloved pastry. I am also going to start combining desserts just to f-k with names. For instance, I will soon create the bronut: brownie doughnut.

And that brings me to #3: Anyone who tells you they don’t like dessert always likes what they consider non-dessert desserts, like carrot cake.

And since there seems to be a growing movement of people hating sugar and butter, which I attribute to a secret race of aliens slowly invading humanity as their hosts, I’ve been making a lot of carrot crap, lately. Thankfully, it tastes damn delicious.

Now, this is a recipe I’ve posted before here, so I’m kind of lazy this week, but I promise the next couple of weeks will have some new stuff…if I don’t find myself currently living inside a Dunkin Donuts 😉

[*Note: If you want to make the carrot cake recipe for about 24 cupcakes, I’d halve the recipe listed in the link. Otherwise the recipe makes about 48.]

carrotcupcakes3All in a row

carrotcupcakesWhy are all carrot cake decorations just a carrot? I rebelled and threw on some edible orange dust.

carrotcupcakes2I get bored sometimes



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