White and Brown Spring Cupcakes

We’re not even going to talk about how long it’s been since I posted anything, because it’s spring and time for new beginnings and better time management!

I recently read an article on cupcakes, saying that this “trend” is fading fast and being replaced by things like rustic [read: ugly] pies and macarons. If that’s the way things are swinging, so be it. But NOTHING will ever tear me away from bite-size cake…okay, maybe cheeseburgers.

The recipe for these fancy ladies is nothing I haven’t posted already, and you can find the chocolate cake recipe here and the vanilla frosting recipe here (I just sub the peppermint extract for clear vanilla extract). I also thought I’d throw in some tidbits of real life [excuses for being blog lazy].

Miss Maman came to visit for a few weeks-we were having fun as usual 🙂

missmamanI tried some amazing dim sum after boycotting it for almost a decade.

dimsumA lot of eating happens in my life. A LOT.

meSometimes outdoor markets happen too…for outdoor eating. (With Salwa and Amy)

amy_salwaDrinking happens, too. (With Shana, Salwa, Ebonee, Debbie, and Jess)

ladiesIt’s more fun to drink when you’re in a crazy hat.

me_salwaReally, I just wanted to let everyone know I’m alive, that I will be posting more regularly, and to stop my lovingly annoying friends from saying “Soooooo the blog? That still happening? Maybe you can, like, not go out tonight and post something.”

You know you need to re-invest in sweatpants/fug over-sized t-shit time when your early 20-something friends tell you to take it down a notch, or at least get your hungover booty back in the kitchen 😉

sarahcupcakes4Coming together in harmony. All decorations were made using gum paste.



sarahcupcakesAll in a row.



One thought on “White and Brown Spring Cupcakes

  1. Glad to see you haven’t lost your touch Meris, fabulous as usual!! Poo Poo to the nay-sayers regarding diminishing popularity of cup cakes…they will always be top shelf in my book!

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