Summer Sails and Jumbo Slices

Usually when it’s been a busy week it means my kitchen is coated in confectioner’s sugar and my fingers are stained with dye, but this time the only thing I was coated in was sunscreen and staining came in the form of freckles.

Now, some of you may think of old women with purple hair throwing quarters at slots when I say Atlantic City [and you wouldn’t be wrong] but there’s a lot more to the Jersey Shore than GTL’ing and fist pumps.

From trying my first fried snickers bar to learning that a ‘slice’ can feed two, I had a great time sampling the many foods laced with basil [seriously, even the cocktail sauce had basil in it] and the many cookies and candies you can toss in with funnel cake batter.

And while this post isn’t a recipe, I still had to share the great time! Stay tuned for an upcoming summer cupcake sendoff 😉

I’m at the Jersey Shore, Bi—!

The Chelsea Hotel was poppin’, and so was the celebratory champagne. [Raishay on the boardwalk, Meris the lush]

Starting our time off right with sangria and banana daiquiris at one of many beach bars. [Me, Raishay]

Clearly, I needed the tackiest towel the city had to offer. When I purchased this one, the man at the counter said “Oh, you like cats?” Then proceeded to show me an entire collection of cat towels. It was my lucky day 😉 [Casbah the Cheetah, the beach]


Casbah the Cheetah wasn’t the only strange bit of the city: Hotel light shows, candy bikinis, and statues of frolicking beach-goers were some of the highlights.

Raishay and I decided to win it big…at the arcade! [Raishay, me, and our priceless diamond rings worth every one of our 950 tickets]

Atlantic City is also the home of IT’SUGAR, selling some of the largest candies and desserts in the world. Also my new home away from home.

Say what you will, but the beach is actually very pretty, especially if you’re the only one not hungover from the night before and on the beach at 8:30 a.m.


Ocean dreaming at a little hidden deck we found on the 6th floor of the Pier Shops at Ceasars.

Sunset skyline.

We wanted to try everything! Fried Reeses? Bring it on! Corndogs from a truck? Why the hell not? Rita’s frozen custard? Duh, bro.

We also decided to give our sugar rush an adrenaline boost by going to the Steel Pier carnival.

And to cap off the trip we thought: why not parasail and get that adrenaline pumping a little more? We had to go to Ocean City, NJ, for the sail, since we missed our first appointment and I chewed out the phone girl. But we had a great experience with Bayview Marina!

T minus 5…4…3…2…

Higher! 500 feet higher!

The experience was so peaceful-it really does feel like you’re flying weightless.


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