Carol’s Peony-Rose Chocolate Cake

There are a lot of addictions worth the effort to try and kick: smoking, soda, biting your nails, Justin Bieber, swearing like a sailor. But my newest friend in the office, Carol, has one of the best addictions I can imagine having, which is indulging in cake.

“Meris, you don’t understand. If there’s cake in the fridge I’ll actually wake up throughout the night to eat it bit-by-bit. I can’t even sleep, just knowing it’s there.”

Oh Carol, I understand so well.

This addiction to a sweet is fitting, considering Carol is one of the friendliest, bubbliest, and warmest people I’ve ever met, and it’s not just because she loves the color pink. So when I heard it was her birthday, how could I resist making her an ultra-fem pink decorated flower cake? The inside being her favorite: chocolate with white-icing.

Happy birthday, woman. I wish you a day filled with sating craves and pool-side rum…and don’t forget to wear our favorite pair of sunglasses [hint: they’re the ones we got for free with our cheap, pink Malibu drinks last weekend. #ClassyLadies] 🙂

The flower was made with white gum paste and edible cranberry-colored and pearl luster dusts

For a detailed video tutorial on how to make this flower, click here for pt. 1 and for pt. 2

The side flowers were made using Wilton’s daisy-shape cutters

All boxed and ready to go!


5 thoughts on “Carol’s Peony-Rose Chocolate Cake

  1. I just saw this and I have posted on FB the best birthday cake I ever had and tasted and yes I ate every bit of it!! Thank you so much Meris for making my birthday so special!! You rock lady!! 🙂

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