Chanel Birthday Cake

I always thought it would be nice to have a birthday in the summer and not arctic winter: sun instead of sleet, outdoor seating instead of thermal underwear, making sand castles instead of overly large payments to your electric company. “Oh Mer, have you picked out your birthday bikini yet?”

“I wish! I’m still too busy doing cartwheels in fields of dandelions because it feels so great to be born in the summer.”

Le siiiiiiiigh.

But I digress. Someone was lucky enough to have been born in the summer and she requested I make her a Chanel cake. This cake is unique for me because it’s the first time I was asked to make a cake based on a photo. I was asked to make the cake look exactly like the photo, only instead of purple the 3rd color should be light blue.

The cake I was asked to replicate:

Never one to turn down a request, I agreed immediately and had a lot of fun making it. However, I thought the numbers on the top of the cake were a little, well, ugly, so I bought some bedazzled ones from Etsy at Milan Creations. You can get these cake toppers in a numbers of colors and gems.

For the cake I used (3) 8″ round cakes as the base and then (3) 6″ for the top. I was asked to make the cakes white vanilla bean flavor and the bottom layers to have strawberry jam filling and the top layers to have raspberry jam filling [there are some tricks to using jam as filling that I’ll explain below]. I damned the layers and coated the cakes in a vanilla bean frosting. The cakes are decorated with fondant.

Happy summer, awesome, better-month-than-mine, hope-your-birthday-includes-a-grilled-rack-of-ribs-with-a-candle-in-it birthday, Ashley!


  • (3) round 8″ cake pans
  • (3) round 6″ cake pans
  • Stand or handheld mixer
  • Whisk


The recipe for the white cake can be found here on Wedding Cakes for You. I used this recipe as a base and added some vanilla bean paste and extra vanilla extract [just use your own personal judgement] to make it more vanilla-y. *Note: Be careful if you use Lorelie’s conversions-she doesn’t always get them right b/c she’s a busy little bee. Do the math yourself!

The recipe for the frosting can be found here in this post under “Vanilla Piping Icing.” I doubled the amount I listed in this recipe to dirty ice the cakes [dirty ice means it’s a layer of icing on the cakes that isn’t meant to look pretty; rather, it acts as a glue for when the fondant is applied].

For the jam fillings:

  • 1 jar seedless fruit jam
  • 1 small box dry jello in similar flavor.

Heat the jar of jam, lid off, in the microwave about 30 seconds on high. Spoon out into a medium bowl. Whisk in jello.

Spread on cake layer and put in freezer for about 10-15 min. or in the fridge 30 min. Damn with frosting then apply the second layer of cake.

*Note: A lot of times with jam filling, keeping the cake layers from sliding around is difficult because a jam consistency is a bit runny and slippery. To stop the sliding from happening, adding a bit of jello, then letting it set before adding the second layer, keeps the layers from shifting.

The fondant letter cutters are usually too small for large cakes, so I made the letters by hand with a paring knife. I assume there’s a better way to do this, which I’ll have to look into.

Side view-the Chanel logo goes around the cake


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