28 and Counting

There’s nothing better than good food, good drinks, and good company to celebrate getting one year closer to the big 3-0. You know you have some friends for life when they’re willing to pay $12 for a frozen margarita, listen to your hiccups for 2 hours, and put on an extra 10 lbs. all in one weekend to say ‘Happy Birthday.’ Thank you to everyone who made this a very memorable weekend. So much love 😉

PARTY LIKE IT’S…oh wait, we’re at the office.

Thank you, Laura, for being super anal about my bday cake and picking out this divine lemon curd-filled, strawberry whipped cream-iced cake.

Laura, Denny the Honorary Woman, and me (The eSN editorial team)

Laura’s Managing Editor skills were put to good use making this awesome bday card

My amazing foodie gift from CZ. Girl, I still don’t know how you psychically knew I needed this Milk cookbook by Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar. #blowingmymind

Not to be outdone by the brain-phoning CZ, my parents and G teamed up to give a perfect 1-2-3 punch gift pack with dark chocolate raspberry Godiva cordials, my very own cast iron skillet, and tiered cake architecture from Cake Stackers.

[From left-right] Jenna, me, G and Stephen [Shana and Shaunique behind the camera] eating our weight in tableside guacamole at Rosa Mexicano.

If you’re going to be a foodie jerk in D.C. you have to be a bit** who brunches, and what better place to strut your Sunday heels and discuss making your own butter than at Blue Duck Tavern?

Hand cut BDT Triple Fries (These are fried in duck fat–the grease du jour–and served with a garlic aioli)

My Eggs Benedict with Pork Belly and Sauce Choron (a variation of béarnaise without tarragon or chervil, plus added tomato purée)

Straight from the Oven Chocolate Cake with Maker’s Mark Caramel, Apple Pie, Honey and Walnut Cheesecake in Phyllo with Brandied Cherries, and complimentary vanilla and peppermint ice creams for the birthday girl.

Shaunique, me, and Shana

My boyfriend’s attempt at cake decorating. *Sidenote: say what you will about buttercreams, ganaches, and organic flours-sometimes, nothing beats a plain white cake from the local grocery store 🙂


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