Zelda Phantom Hourglass Cake

Ending the holiday season is my boyfriend’s birthday. Traumatized as a child because his parents combined both Christmas and his birthday, it seems only right that as a much-doted on only child I try to “do up” his birthdays.

For the past five years I’ve been making these crazy birthday cakes, always relative to the experiences of the year. So far there’s been a 3D chinchilla cake (his pet, Scooter), a Deep Space Nine cake (his favorite of the Star Treks. *Sidenote: nothing is as embarrassing as asking a young guy at Kinkos to print out a Deep Space Nine logo for you), a Disney Ratatouille cake (his favorite Disney movie), a 3D pony cake (long story), and now it’s a Zelda cake, since, it seems, that’s his new favorite game series.

Since he’s pre-diabetic, this (2) 8″, (1) 6″, (1) 5″, and (1) 4″ cake is made from Pillsbury sugar-free yellow cake mix and sugar-free icing. It’s covered in fondant (you can just peel it off of the cake when eating), patterned and decorated. The little figurines are from Phantom Hourglass, since that DS game is the only one with figurines that don’t cost over $100. The boomerang, bombs, arrows, chest, rupees, rocks, etc., are all made from colored gum paste.

Happy birthday, nerd alert 😉 May you never receive another combo birthday/xmas pair of socks and package of rice ever again.

The back:

Angry knight:

Boomerang and Hourglass guy:

Top close-up:

Top close-up #2:


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