Hello Kitty Cake

Recently I was asked to make a birthday cake for a lucky little lady turning 4, and whose birthday celebration falls on New Year’s Eve…I’m sure when she’s older she’ll appreciate the abundance of champagne available for her special day, but for now, Hello Kitty will do just fine 😉

For this cake, I was asked to match the colors to the birthday decorations, which you can see here. I was also asked to keep it focused just on Hello Kitty and not her little friends-that’s why Miss Kitty is so big and prominent here. I was also asked to make a yellow cake with buttercream frosting. The cake is (2) 10″ and (2) 7″ tiers with Italian meringue buttercream (underneath the fondant).

I had a lot of fun making this cake, not just because kids’ cakes tend to be more colorful and cute, but because it was the first time I created a sculpture out of modeling chocolate-so much easier than gum paste or fondant (it doesn’t crack/dry too fast and creates a much smoother texture). Next time I think I’ll try making more decorations out of it.

Happy birthday, Jaliyah!

The front: The cake was covered in fondant and decorated with colored gum paste flowers.

The back:

 The top: The decorations behind Hello Kitty are her birthday balloons.

One of the side bows: Made out of fondant.

 Hello Kitty’s close-up: Kitty’s dress, eyes, bow, nose, and whiskers are fondant and gum paste, but her body is all modeling chocolate.


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