Ho, Ho, Holiday Party

Whether you love them or hate them, about 90% of us have them: office holiday parties. They only come once a year [thank god?] and this year I hit the secret santa jackpot with my homie, Shana, who is one of the best gift-givers I’ve ever known. Besides the funky jewelry [channeling my inner Girl with the Dragon Tattoo], salt water taffy [thank you for visiting Ocean City way too often], and clove cigarettes [hey, everyone’s got their closet vice], she also gives me the gift of her dry, sarcastic wit every day to keep me from bashing my head against the fax machine.

Me, Shana, Victoria, Laura

For this secret santa occassion I received the best vanilla extract on the market, which is unfortunately reflected in its price: Nielsen-Massey. Thank you, gurl, for going the extra mile on something only foodies could love: extract.

I was also gifted Momofuku’s Compost Cookie Mix, which Shana informed me you can now buy, along with other Momofuku Milk Bar mixes, at Williams-Sonoma. Momofuku, meaning ‘lucky peach,’ has five restaurants with four of them located in NYC. Perhaps the most famous of these among foodies and celebrities is Milk Bar, which serves its equally famous ‘Crack Pie.’

According to the package, this Compost Cookie Mix “makes playful yet decadently rich cookies packed with irresistible sweet and salty snacks: chocolate and butterscotch chips, coffee-plus your own favorite potato chips and pretzels.” CAN’T WAIT 😉


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