Cake Contest Win!

A few months ago I entered a cake competition on one of my favorite websites, Wedding Cakes for You-you’ll see a lot of icing and basic cake recipes on this blog that originate from this site-created by a crazy knowledgeable pastry chef named Lorelie. If you’re interested in learning more about baking cakes, this is the place to check out!

Anyway, the readers of the site, family, friends, and Lorelie herself were nice enough to vote for my cake-I submitted the red and gold cake, along with an essay-and I am now featured on her website! I also won some cute prizes in the process, like the apron you see below (I was asked to send a pic of me in the apron).

Thank you to everyone for your support! It really means a lot and I hope to enter, and have fun participating in, many more baking adventures to come 🙂

I was trying to show how small my kitchen really is--such as the fridge not opening all the way because of the oven.


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