Fourth of July Contest

Feeling patriotic, I decided to enter my very first baking contest this past 4th, which was held via Epicurious. The rules were simple: bake a creative/inventive 4th dessert and provide your original recipe. I won the contest, winning not only some very “chichi”  foodie ice cream, but the honor of having some people at Epicurious know I exist.

I can’t provide the recipe just yet because, honestly, it needs some final flavor tweaking, but I thought I’d post the pic to provide some America-loving inspiration for those looking for new ideas!

The bottom layer is a red velvet cake, the center layer a white chocolate mousse, and the top layer is a blueberry mousse with a blueberry gelée. It’s covered with blueberries. The bottom star is made from a simple strawberry purée.

In the next few days I’ll be posting the basic technique for how to create vertical cake mousse desserts like this one, so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Fourth of July Contest

  1. It’s posted on their website already — you must have already posted it! 😉

    Where did you get the idea, inspiration, by the way? I’ve been trying to make a good mousse for a while now.

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